Google buys Anvato to bolster online video streaming and payments

google anvato

Google has announced a new addition to its cloud platform team, which now includes Anvato. You might not know Anvato by name, but they handle online content for many large companies like NBC, Fox, and Univision. 

Anvato’s platform makes it easy for big networks to quickly push live video online, but also offers tools for quick video editing and handling pay-per-view transactions. The platform was also used to stream the Super Bowl live last year, so you know it’s a legitimate contender in this market.

This acquisition means Anvato’s software and employees will switch over to Google, and likely means those big companies will have to go through Google if they want to continue using the same technology to handle their online video backend. That could also give Google a leg up in negotiations with some of these larger partners, and helps them stay competitive with Microsoft and Amazon’s cloud services.

With Google’s push into premium content with YouTube Red, we might also see them take content on that platform more seriously going forward. YouTube Red currently has a handful of exclusive shows, and YouTube already offers tools for live streaming events, but adding a dedicated team from Anvato could make YouTube that much more appealing for content creators. A media platform is only as good as what’s available on it, after all.

source: Google

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