Nintendo is considering accessories for phones and tablets


When you’re a struggling company, you start thinking of almost anything to survive. Nintendo, once the leader in gaming worldwide, is expanding its sights to become the profitable beast it once was. That’s why the company finally decided in 2015 developing mobile games is in its future. But it’s not appearing that Nintendo will stop at mobile games. Now we’re seeing there’s an interest to develop accessories for mobile devices.

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Shinya Takahashi, Nintendo’s GM of Entertainment Planning and Development, said the following:

“Physical controllers for smart device applications are available in the market and it is possible that we may also develop something new by ourselves. I believe Nintendo’s way of thinking is to look at whether action games are really not impossible to create and how we can make it happen to create such a game.”

Creating mobile device accessories would be part of the company’s plan to expand its hardware and software portfolio. As of today, Nintendo only sells two primary devices and develops games for its own platforms. Doing that in 2016 just isn’t enough.

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Last year, word got out that the company was considering creating a video game console based on Android; however, that seems highly unlikely and we haven’t heard anything similar since the original report.

Nintendo doesn’t have anything official to share on mobile device accessories right now, but we’d likely see the company detail anything whenever its next video game console debuts. There might be a desire to launch everything at once to captivate the world’s attention, and it would also make sense to start selling these accessories when more of Nintendo’s own titles are being played on phones and tablets.

Via: Polygon

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