Here’s what this year’s Nexus phone lineup is going to look like


We’ve heard plenty of rumors surrounding the upcoming set of Nexus devices for this year, Sailfish and Marlin. But now, Android Police was able to obtain a good chunk of information from a trusted source and create an image based off of that information (seen above).

As far as design goes, Android Police’s source is saying that both Sailfish and Marlin will have no camera hump and feature an aluminum body. Around the back, as you can see, the fingerprint scanner is sits in the same spot as the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P from last year.

With color, this is almost a two-tone gray and black, giving off a more “stealthy” theme than the pure black models we’ve seen in the past. The popular Android publication also noted that Google is working on a “electric blue” variant, where the phone would have a white face and a blue shell. As far as the standard advertised model will go, we could be looking at the white face and your standard aluminum finish.

You’ll also see an antenna line at the bottom as well as a couple of vertical ones at the top. Next to the camera, there’s a few sensors, which Android Police presumes to be autofocus and some secondary sensor.

Around the front, you have all of what you’d expect on a smartphone–an earpiece speaker, a front-facing camera, and a few sensors.

If you’re interested in specs, you can check out the leaked hardware for Sailfish as well as for Marlin.

It goes without saying, Sailfish and Marlin are going to be a pair of beautiful handsets. We definitely can’t wait until Google takes the wraps off of these two handsets later this year. What do you think?

source: Android Police

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