AT&T Thanks is live with BOGO movie ticket promotion


AT&T announced a customer appreciation program last month, and the first promotion is finally going live. It’s pretty clear that AT&T Thanks is very similar to T-Mobile Tuesdays, which is certainly a win for customers of either carrier.

The first promo for AT&T thanks will be a buy one/get one offer on movie tickets. I know, I know, that’s a little disappointing compared to T-Mobile’s completely free offerings, but it’s something.

The deal is valid for a free second ticket to a movie on Tuesday at any AMC or Regal movie theater. Those are the two biggest theater chains in the US, so there’s a good chance you’re covered. All you have to do is validate your phone number on after which you’ll be directed to buy your tickets.

The only real catch here is that you have to be a postpaid customer on AT&T, so that excludes any prepaid plans. That’s a step back from T-Mobile, but considering AT&T boasts more postpaid subscribers anyway, it’s probably a wash.

The other promotion that AT&T is launching won’t be available until the fall, but it’s a useful deal if you’re into concerts. AT&T is teaming up with Live Nation to give AT&T customers early access to tickets for select concerts, which means you’ll be able to buy your tickets before the general public does. That means better seating and way more options, since you’re not competing with everyone else trying to buy a ticket. There’s no discount baked in here, but the presale access is worth something.

AT&T will likely keep modifying and expanding this program, especially if it does well. It’s not as good as what T-Mobile is offering, but given enough time, maybe AT&T will catch up.

source: AT&T

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