US carriers waiving fees for calls and texts to Turkey


In the wake of the attack at the Istanbul airport in Turkey, the big four US carriers have all announced that they’ll be waiving fees for calls and texts made to the country. That includes Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

Most carriers are pretty quick to announce support during tragic events, whether that’s a terrorist attack or natural disaster, and this is no exception.

T-Mobile has released a blog post recapping the information and specifying dates and who will be able to take advantage of the free calls and texts, and it covers just about everything under the carrier’s umbrella. Prepaid, postpaid, and some MNVOs will have their charges waived, and it extends until July 5th.

Sprint is also waiving charges until July 5th, while Verizon is extending this to June 30th and AT&T is running for just June 28th and 29th. While the latter two carriers aren’t pushing this as long as T-Mobile and Sprint, it’s still the thought that counts here.

Typically with these promotions, you’ll see the charges for international calls and texts on your bill immediately followed by credits to take care of the charges.

source: T-Mobile