Samsung’s Smart Glow feature to encompass more than just notifications


Details on Samsung’s Smart Glow feature leaked not too long ago, but now we’re getting a full breakdown on what it’ll be all about.

As a quick refresher, the upcoming Galaxy J2 (2016) and Galaxy Note 7 are rumored to have an LED ring around the rear camera module. The Smart Glow ring will light up in different colors for different notifications and statuses. For instance, the ring will be able to light up to show battery percentage. Other uses include a sort of Selfie Assist, where the ring will light up to recognize that there is a face in view, and then it’ll take a picture within two seconds.

Those are just some of Smart Glow’s basic functions. But, a report coming by way of SamMobile indicates that Smart Glow will be a lot more useful than just that. Smart Glow’s functions down the line will be expanded to show notifications for Usage Alerts, such as storage, memory and data usage. It’ll also be expanded for a better Selfie Assist, helping the user center their face in the camera.


There’s also some development ongoing for features like Weather and Health Ring. Weather Ring will be activated by shaking the phone, and then the ring will light up to portray the current weather (e.g. yellow for sunshine, blue for rain). Health Ring will be interesting, as the rear camera will be used to measure heart rate in future handsets.

Smart Glow is expected to first launch on the Galaxy J2 (2016) in India with some basic Smart Glow features. We’re also expecting to see Smart Glow on the next Note handset, as well as next year’s big flagship, the Galaxy S8.

source: SamMobile

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