Twitter copies Snapchat, will bring daily Stickers to your social media photos


In the latest round of feature additions, Twitter is taking a page out of Snapchat’s playbook and adding the option to put stickers on the photos in your tweets. It seems like most new social media additions these days are chasing Snapchat, but hey, can’t argue with what works.

Twitter’s #Stickers will work like Snapchat’s filters, except they’re applied to pictures and not disappearing photos/videos of your face. You’ll get a rotating set of images every day that you can slap on your image, which should help to spice up what you’re sharing with your followers. The rotating sticker idea will probably help to keep some people drawn in.

A neat twist on a stickerfied photo is that once you tweet out an image that’s been edited with Twitter’s stickers, it’ll appear in the hashtag search for #Stickers. Apologies to anyone who was using that hashtag for something else.

For better or worse, that means you’ll be able to browse through what everyone else is doing with stickers, and anything you do will join that collection. I’d imagine we can expect a mix or boring, funny, and extremely inappropriate photos making up the bulk of that trend.

I don’t hate the idea of being able to put timed stickers on photos, but the process just feels way too much like Twitter trying to convert some Snapchat users by capturing lightning in a bottle. Facebook has struggled to beat Snapchat at its own game, and I don’t think Twitter is going to fare much better.

source: Twitter

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