TCL and BlackBerry creating a smartphone codenamed Hamburg, report says


It looks like TCL Corporation and Blackberry could’ve formed a partnership for creating a smartphone called Hamburg, according to new Wi-Fi certification filings.

We earlier reported on a rumor that indicated that Alcatel’s Idol 4 was delayed due to a possible partnership or offer with or from BlackBerry. And that might just wind up being true, as TCL Corporation is the company that produces smartphones under the Alcatel brand.

But now, it looks like TCL is also wanting to produce devices under the BlackBerry brand. This new device, codenamed Hamburg, would be based off of the Idol 4, but arrive with that BlackBerry branding.

Interesting, TCL has receiving certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance for a smartphone product named DTEK 50 with a model number of STH100-2. And as seen from the certification image, it’s running Marshmallow (listed as “Android, version: M”).

It goes without saying, there aren’t a whole lot of details here. But, this does almost confirm the rumor of a TCL and BlackBerry partnership for producing a smartphone based off of the Idol 4.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen in the company’s Q1 2017 earnings call revealed that BlackBerry has essentially become a hardware design house, as they hardly make any hardware. That said, a partnership where BlackBerry is designing the phone and TCL is producing it isn’t a very far out idea.

Hopefully we’ll hear more regarding this upcoming smartphone soon.

source: CrackBerry

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