Galaxy Note 7 to exclusively come with a curved display


Galaxy Note 7 rumors are ramping up, and this latest report, coming by way of the Korea Herald, is claiming that the Note 7 will only launch with a curved display.

In other words, if this report turns out to be true, Samsung will move away from the traditional style smartphone for the Galaxy Note 7 and launch it with the curved display found on Edge variants. The report has actually outright said that Samsung is not considering launching a flat-screen version of the smartphone:

“Samsung Electronics’ new Note phablet, tentatively called “Galaxy Note 7,” is expected to have a curved screen, indicating the Korean tech giant’s commitment to a dual-edge curved display for its Galaxy smartphones. According to local daily Munwha Ilbo, Samsung is not considering launching a flat screen version of the Note phone.”

Now, we’re not quite sure if this rumor has any credibility to it. But, if it does, it looks like a Galaxy Note 7 with a curved display could be the only Note device we’ll be seeing later this year. On the other hand, Samsung did release a curved and flat screen variant of the Galaxy S7, meaning it’s very likely the Korean tech giant could do the same with its Note series.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens this fall, as we’ll no doubt hear contradictory rumors up until the launch.

On the other hand, the report from the Korea Herald also noted that Samsung was gearing up to launch another variant of the Galaxy S7, this time themed for the 2016 Rio Olympics, but that was all the details given.

source: Korea Herald
via: Android Central

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