Microsoft slams Google Chrome’s penchant for eating your laptop battery


Almost all of us here have probably used Google Chrome before, and most of us are probably still using it right now. If you’ve used Chrome on a laptop, though, you’ve probably seen its ability to quickly and efficiently chew into your battery.

Microsoft is taking that shortcoming of Google’s browser and using it as an attacking point in their latest ad. The ad uses an experiment of how long laptop batteries last in certain situations using multiple popular browsers, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Chrome fell short in most tests while Microsoft Edge did fairly well.

In Microsoft’s testing, Edge also outperformed Mozilla Firefox and Opera, which was a more impressive feat. Opera came close, but Edge still pulled ahead by nearly 20%.

The push for Microsoft Edge makes sense, and so far it’s definitely proving itself as a worthy successor to the terrible Internet Explorer, but it’s still in its infancy and is lacking many features. Extensions and add-ons, for example, are completely absent in Edge but not in Chrome or Firefox. The simpler interface and fewer features probably help Edge score some extra battery life, since there’s simply less code to work with. Whenever Microsoft launches those add-ons to their new browser, that may change, but as of right now if you want the most battery-efficient browser on your laptop, Edge is probably going to be the way to go.

source: Windows

About the Author: Jared Peters

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  • Jacob Bondt

    Microsoft edge s a piece of junk giveme Chrome any day over edge!

    • Richard Dennis


      • Jacob Bondt

        Yes when I bought my new laptop in the fall 2015 ,tried edge and Firefox Mozilla and next thing I knew I was hit with hackers,had to take it back to Best Buy and Geek squad had to a complete clean up,thats why I hate edge will never install it!

  • Al Jalaikakik

    That’s nice. Chrome lets me install addons that reliably block ads and malicious javascript. I rarely use a computer, even a laptop, that isn’t plugged in, so I don’t give a single shit about battery usage. Call me when Edge gives me complete control over my browser experience and I might listen.

  • Timothy Anderson

    I would rather have my battery eaten up than my patience eaten up.