LG G4 is AT&T’s first Android-powered WiFi calling device


Currently the only devices capable of WiFi calling on AT&T’s network are iPhones. Most newer iPhones are able to take advantage of the feature, bypassing AT&T’s network to make phone calls. It’s a useful feature if you’re trying to conserve minutes on a plan or are somewhere that the carrier just doesn’t have great coverage, but it’s been incredibly limited up to this point.

Fortunately for LG G4 users, we’ve got another device that’s officially on board with AT&T’s WiFi calling tech.

G4 owners will be able to start making calls and sending texts over WiFi just as soon as they download a small software update to enable the feature. You should be getting a notification that it’s available to download if you haven’t already, and it’s a pretty minor update, so it shouldn’t take long.

Once WiFi calling is on, you’ll be able to use all of your apps and communication just the same as you were before, but the phone will try to make everything work off of the WiFi network instead of AT&T’s mobile network. This means you don’t need any separate apps to use it, although if you were already using something like WhatsApp or Skype, you can keep doing that just the same as you were before.

WiFi calling can be a pretty useful feature, depending on where you live and work, so it’s disappointing that it’s only come to one Android phone so far, especially since it’s a year-old phone that’s already seen its successor launch. There’s no word on when/if this will start to roll out to other devices, but considering most other carriers have gotten the ball rolling way before AT&T, maybe this will speed things up.

source: AT&T

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