Nextbit announces new beta testing program for Robin owners


Nextbit today took to its community forums to announce that Robin owners will be able to participate in a public beta testing program. Users as part of this program will be able to test experimental features of the Nextbit software before it goes live.

The Nextbit Robin beta program isn’t like many other similar programs. Nextbit is stressing how this isn’t a way to get to the “front line” for software updates. No, in this case, it’s actually a very important responsibility and a significant portion of the software development.

From Nextbit:

“Nextbit Beta Testers are a group of Robin owners who raise their hands to provide our team with help and feedback. As a member of the beta program, you have an opportunity to be included in various studies with direct access to the Nextbit team.

As a Nextbit beta tester, you’ll play an important role in our software’s development. You’ll have a chance to use features that haven’t been released to the public. However, keep in mind the beta program is not intended as a way to quick way to cut to the front of the line for new software. It’s a responsibility, and you accept risk on the behalf of other users. If you are not ready to do that, the beta testing program may not be right for you.”

Nextbit didn’t mention any software being tested immediately, but the company has begun taking beta applications. If you’re interested in becoming apart of the important process of testing new software and having direct access to the Nextbit team, you can sign-up and express your interest here.

source: Nextbit

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