The OnePlus X series won’t continue on, CEO Pete Lau reveals


Many have been looking forward to the next OnePlus flagship for some time now, and others have been looking forward to a refresh of OnePlus’ more compact smartphone, the OnePlus X. But, it seems that OnePlus is killing off the OnePlus X series, indicating that we won’t see another phone from the company until next year.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau was at the launch event yesterday, and told Engadget that the company will be focusing on just one “true flagship.” Lau indicated this change of direction will ultimately be good for the company, strengthening the foundation of the OnePlus 3, and ultimately boosting sales.

A big problem last year was that OnePlus was focusing on multiple smartphones instead of focusing on a single flagship, making it the very best it can be. That said, OnePlus is changing its course, freeing up resources to focus on the OnePlus 3 and put a heavier focus on marketing.


Lau told Engadget that the company would be merging OnePlus’ development resources to focus on the global OxygenOS as well as the China-focused HydrogenOS. By freeing up these resources, the software side of things will only get a whole lot better. Lau said to expect an announcement on this near the end of the year.

Despite this long-term change of course, Lau is still focused on providing smartphones to consumers at a cheap price. That said, the company will continue to avoid conventional advertising channels, which the consumer will only benefit from, as the savings from avoiding those channels will be passed onto the market.

In the end, we’re probably not going to see another OnePlus phone this year, but we will see an even stronger OnePlus 3 that is consumer-friendly.

source: Engadget

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