T-Mobile expands Binge On, now supports almost 90 services


T-Mobile is very proud of their Binge On program, and they keep making it better and better. The latest update brings a handful of new partners to the carrier’s unlimited streaming option, which means there are almost 90 video services available to stream without touching your data cap. Pretty impressive stuff.

Some of the additions are lesser known services, like Azubu, Eyegroove, and Fow Sports, but there are also some pretty notable new additions in Dailymotion Games, YouTube Gaming, and both the PBS and PBS Kids apps. That covers sports, games, and a variety of TV shows, which should give you some new content to dig into.

Despite the early controversy over throttling, Binge On has grown into a compelling argument for switching over to T-Mobile, especially if you’re the type to stream a ton of video.

source: T-Mobile

  • Rad

    the only problem is that it’s only available for plans with 6GB plans or higher which cost extra…so no freebies here.

  • King L.

    Also, did you know that if you use all your 6GB of data you no longer continue to have full speeds using binge on??? A service which is supposed to use ZERO DATA, but don’t finish your normal high speed data cause you’re screwed. Seriously considering one of many true unlimited 50$ plans from the many competitors.