Will No Longer Allow Free Streaming to Mobile Devices

I’m a big fan of Pandora internet radio service on my Android phone, but I’ve experimented with a little Slacker and has been available for free, ad-supported, on a myriad of platforms – Xbox, desktop, and various mobile devices. Sadly, it has been determined by the management that it is not cost-effective to continue to offer free versions on all platforms. The only services that will remain available in free versions will be Xbox Live and Windows Phone 7, as well as the desktop version.

So, my Android-using friends…if you use the free version of on your Android phone, it will be coming to an end on February 15th. While has to maintain their bottom line, it’s always a shame to see free services come to an end. So enjoy this service while you can, because you’ve got about a week left!

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  • James Chou

    That’s what Pandora is for

  • Lee Poston

    Guess I’ll be uninstalling it then. Agrees with James Chou.

  • Niko Flores-Trejo

    I don’t even stream music from, anyway. It’s not worth it, specially when a lot of songs have the wrong tags and the ones with the right tags are not available for streaming. I’m sticking to listening to the music in my SD card. :)

  • Kyle Kochanski

    Anyone else catch the fact that they are only supporting Microsoft products free. Sounds to me like someone wrote a big check to keep Last to themselves.

  • shMoula

    Hey, it’s already done for some time, streaming in mobile is allowed only for chosen ones (aka US, UK and germany).

  • JPB

    Nope, not worth it. It was removed from my Android the second I got that note. I didn’t see any reason to keep it around since Pandora and Slacker are free.

  • cca was only free to US, UK and Germany for a long time now, rest of the world was subscription only, so this news bit is only relevant for a handful of countries. I canceled my subscription long ago, not worth it if you don’t use it a lot. I only use it for scrobbling now.

  • bleh

    if you kept the version you had before the update that made it a paid service for radio it is still free to stream, you just had to deny the update :)

  • Sushigoya

    For me there’s a difference between and pandora. Pandora always seemed to wander from the original tag, leaving you somewhere pretty different after listening for a while. where would pretty much stay ‘on topic’, with a little interesting variation thrown in. I’ve always had a good experience with And it’s one of the services that does have a little more depth in non-top 40 genres, e.g. jazz, middle eastern. Since I don’t use it much on my phone, I probably will pass on the subscription.

  • Tj1

    This Sux all they care about is money and to hell with the ppl that loved to use it what aholes