Material Design for Twitter is finally here


Twitter has released a major overhaul to their Android app, and it brings the best of Google’s Material Design standard to the social media app’s UX. You can see it in action below.

twitter material design

Personally, I think Twitter did a pretty great job. The animations are slick, you’ve got a responsive slide-out drawer and floating action buttons, and gestures galore. Twitter usually isn’t quick to update their Android apps and services, but when they do, they do a good job.

Here’s the other good news: the update is live for everyone right now, so you won’t have to wait for a dumb staged rollout to happen. You can hit the Play Store and update your Twitter app right away.

Now if only we could get Twitter to fix that absurd token limit so we didn’t have to wait for the official app to support Material Design when other apps have had it implemented for months. Ah, well. Baby steps.

source: Twitter

Play Store Download Link

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