Microsoft introduces new Outlook watch face for Android Wear


Microsoft today announced that it was releasing an Outlook watch face for Android Wear, allowing users to stay on top of their day like never before.

Microsoft is turning Outlook for Android Wear into something really neat. With the Outlook watch face, users will be able to see an overview of their schedule for the day, as well as specific details on where you need to be next.

From Microsoft:

“You can easily stay on top of your day with a quick glance at the Outlook watch face. Outlook will show an overview of what’s coming up in the next 12 hours, overlaid on the dial of your watch. Colors on the dial match the colors of the calendars you’ve added to Outlook on your Android phone.

Details of your next event are front and center, showing you how much time is left until your next meeting and where you have to be. You also have information on how many new emails you have received since you last looked at your phone.”

Got nothing on your schedule for the next 12 hours? No problem. The Outlook watch face will show you who has recently sent you emails, and then you can simply tap to get specifics on those messages.

Beyond your schedule and emails, the Outlook watch face will also give you a reminder for upcoming events. Just tap the reminder, and you’ll get information on the meeting location, time, organizer, and even the agenda.

The Outlook watch face for Android Wear certainly isn’t for everyone, but for the person that uses Outlook for the large majority of their daily needs, this watch face will make things that much more efficient.

source: Microsoft

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