Interested in testing out beta versions of Google Maps on Android?

Google Maps_TA

Google has toyed with beta apps on the Play Store for a while, but now they’re finally getting in on the action themselves. Google Maps has been opened up for anyone to join the beta, which means you’ll get prerelease builds of the app that may or may not be 100% functional in exchange for helping Google squash bugs so the newer versions can go live for the rest of us.

I’ve beta tested a few apps over the years, along with some other kinds of software on different platforms. On smaller, completely unreleased projects a beta build can be a complete headache while it slowly works its way towards being version 1.0, but early builds of newer versions of established software tend to work significantly better. That’s not to say that you won’t run into some instability or problems, but in my experience beta testing software that’s on version 5.4.1 is going to be significantly smoother, and you’re going to get new features ahead of everyone else for relatively little headache. And if you do have a problem, it’s pretty easy to switch back to a stable channel.

Just don’t get beta test Google Maps and get lost 600 miles from home.

If you’re interested in joining the beta program, follow the link below. Any takers?

source: Google Maps Beta

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