Google Home is actually a Chromecast at heart


Google Home is one of the coolest gadgets to come out of Google I/O this year, but it might be a simpler piece of technology than we thought. Instead of running a full-blown Android installation, it’s actually based on Google’s wildly successful Chromecast.

This move makes sense from just about every angle, though. Android is struggling to do well in the living room (sorry, Android TV) while Chromecast and Google Cast are doing extremely well.It’s lightweight and essentially offers an interface-less device to interact with. It talks

It’s lightweight and essentially offers an interface-less device to interact with. It talks to Google services. It doesn’t draw much power. All of these are excellent reasons to slap a microphone and speaker on a Chromecast and get the ship sailing. Making an Android-powered version would require more powerful specs to handle everything locally instead of offloading information for Google to process, which is exactly where the Chromecast shines.

According to the source that claims Home is just a fancy Chromecast, Google considered going with Android instead of Chromecast. But Android’s troubled history with the living room and Chromecast’s overnight success, it’s hard to argue against Google’s decision.

Hopefully this decision means that Google Home will be able to launch at a reasonable price point and maybe even undercut Amazon’s Echo, considering the general affordability of Chromecast. We’ll find out later this year either way.

source: The Information
via: The Verge

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