ZTE just launched the new fan oriented Z-Community alongside an Axon 7 giveaway


ZTE is the fourth largest supplier of mobile phones in the United States, so I am sure many of you guys out there are huge ZTE fans. If you fall into this group then we have some pretty good news for you today! In addition to announcing the launching of its newest phone, the Axon 7, in Beijing today, it also announced the launching of a new community platform called Z-Community for the biggest fans of the brand.

In ZTE’s words this new Z-Community is “a new platform to discuss and share insights with each other not just on ZTE devices, but the mobile industry as a whole.” This site is going to allow fans of ZTE to get great insights into new ZTE devices and the products that are in development. Members will also get unique opportunities to beta test new developments and even participate in product giveaways!

At launch this community will have three unique spaces with which to explore and engage with ZTE.

  • Forums: Its just like any other forum you may have used in the past, but with a ZTE flair. You can meet up with a unique community that will mostly consist of ZTE fans/owners so you can all connect over your favorite phones, ask questions and search for answers, or just shoot the breeze with fans like yourself.
  • Labs: This is the space where ZTE will be shelling out info on its latest and greatest, and also take your thoughts on what it should put into its upcoming products. Also this space will be where you’ll have to go if you hope to participate in ZTE’s beta opportunities. If you want to be on the bleeding-edge in regards to ZTE then this is the spot for you.
  • Blog: This is the space where you’ll be able to get valuable insights from leaders within ZTE and special guest participants from all around the mobile device market. You’ll be able to head here and get expert advice on ZTE and its gadgets, the mobile industry at large, and much much more.

It seems like a pretty cool spot to visit if you are a ZTE fan. Even if you are not a ZTE fan, however, it still might be worth checking the new community out. Now through June 5th ZTE will be rewarding the five most consistently active and value-driving members with its newly announced flagship, the Axon 7. On top of that, ZTE will be giving away 50 Bluetooth speakers at random to people who utilize and post on the site.

The community just opened up today so if you would like to check it out, or even maybe get involved, head right here to register for the new Z-Community!

About the Author: Ryan Rabea

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