Xiaomi confirms the Mi Band 2 is coming


Up until this point, we’ve been hesitant to believe the existence of a Mi Band 2 from Xiaomi. Yesterday during the unveiling of the Mi Drone, Xiaomi confirmed the existence of the Mi Band 2 and gave us details regarding its release date.

The Mi Band 2 will be a successor to the Mi Band S, which followed up on the original Mi Band. Xiaomi is also planning to release a second wearable alongside the Mi Band 2 made for kids, the Mi Bunny.

All was confirmed in a post announcement QA procedure when CEO of Xiaomi Lei Jun was asked by an attendee about the Mi Band 2. Lei Jun was honest and not only confirmed the wearable’s existence, but also gave us an official release date, which will be June 7. That’s just over 10 days from the time this article was written, which is right on par with recent reports.

If availability were not an issue in your country, would you be interested in the Xiaomi Mi Band 2? Drop a comment letting us know.

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    I’ve been a huge fan of the first Mi Band. Bought them for 6 family and friends at only $12 each. Easily 30+ days between charging, an ever-improving tracking app, comfortable and very reliable. But a couple of months ago, I personally picked up the Mi Band 1S with heart rate monitor. Wow! Looks the same, but battery life is less than a week and the heart application is weak. Lost 75% of my battery life for an applet that will track my heart rate if I hold my arm steady, at chest level, for 15 seconds. I was really hoping it would provide heart rate tracking through the day or at least be able to monitor target heart rate while exercising. I gave it a few months, but I actually went back to my old Mi Band as I kept forgetting to charge it every few days.

    I really hope they have a winner with the Mi Band 2. I like how cost effective and functional the original was. But if they don’t figure out how to make the battery work better with the heart rate monitor, and make the heart rate monitor a useful tool, this will be a bust, too.