Expect to see the Galaxy Note 7 this year as Samsung converges model names


Hope you weren’t too excited for the Galaxy Note 6 this year, because it’s not happening. Well, it’s technically not happening because Samsung is skipping the Note 6 in favor of releasing the Galaxy Note 7.

Yeah, it’s weird, but Samsung actually has a pretty good reason for doing so.

One of Samsung’s strongest advantages as an Android manufacturer is their incredible marketing department. They’ve built up the Galaxy branding into something synonymous with smartphones, they’ve pulled customers away from Apple’s iPhone, and they’re reaping the benefits of being one of the only profitable Android OEMs right now. Needless to say, they know what they’re doing.That’s important because the decision to skip the Galaxy Note 6 is all about marketing.

That’s important because the decision to skip the Galaxy Note 6 is all about marketing. Instead of releasing the Note 6, which some customers could potentially think is inferior to the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, they’ll release the Note 7 which is on par with the S7 and S7 Edge.

For most of us, that seems completely silly. Who would think that the newer and typically faster Note line could ever be inferior to the Galaxy S line just because the numbers didn’t line up? You’re right, but remember that Samsung’s marketing department isn’t aiming these decisions at us. It’s aimed at the average consumer that doesn’t spend much time reading specs, they just see a big number and assume it’s the best.

Aside from the naming scheme, the Note 6 Note 7 is supposed to feature a curved screen on both sides, a la the Galaxy S7 Edge. Should make for a pretty solid, exciting phone, whenever it launches.

source: etnews
via: Phandroid

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  • Silver

    Wow! that’s crazy..
    Thanks Jared.

  • chorgox

    samsung i can’t care less of your gimmick, just make sure you put a removable battery or i will skip again this year or start looking alternatives

  • Chuck Dancer

    I hope it’s water proof AND bigger than the 4. Dark Mode , removable battery , SD slot and some really dope headphones…oh yeah , even better battery life!

  • Wanaruona Anarumenya

    Away with gimmicks , just give me my traditional Flat Note plus all the rumored improvements.