Republic Wireless launches its new Clear Choice Plans, will no longer issue credits for unused data

Introducing Clear Choice Plans The Republic

Republic Wireless is shaking things up recently, first by adding a bunch of high-end handsets to its range, and today by changing up its plans. Remember when the carrier started giving you a credit for the data you didn’t use every month? Well, that promotion would appear to have been taken away with its newly announced “Clear Choice Plans” that are a little cheaper for the most part. Join us after the break for more details.

The Clear Choice Plans start from $15 monthly with unlimited texts, talk, and WiFi Data. Unlimited WiFi data means that unless you are connected WiFi, you have zero data, so that’s definitely something to remember. Maybe it’s useful if you never take the phone out of your house? The rest of the plans have an actual data allowance thankfully.

  • $15 – Unlimited Talk, Text, and WiFi Data
  • $20 – Unlimited Talk, Text, and WiFi Data + 1GB Cellular Data
  • $30 – Unlimited Talk, Text, and WiFi Data + 2GB Cellular Data
  • $45 – Unlimited Talk, Text, and WiFi Data + 4GB Cellular Data
  • $60 – Unlimited Talk, Text, and WiFi Data + 6GB Cellular Data
  • $90 – Unlimited Talk, Text, and WiFi Data + 10GB Cellular Data

The new Clear Choice Plans will be available from July 2016, for any Republic Wireless 3.0 handsets. While voice roaming is included on the new plans, data roaming is not and the carrier doesn’t plan on adding it in the future. Tethering is available, which is good news I guess.

What do you make of Republic Wireless’ new Clear Choice Plans? Is is enough to tempt you away from your current provider? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Republic Wireless


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