Expect to see longer tweets as Twitter takes some restrictions off of attachments and mentions


Twitter has announced some new changes coming to its 140 character limit, and it means that you’re probably going to start to see some longer tweets on your timeline. These changes affect things like attachments and mentions, so certain pieces of content in your tweets won’t count towards that low ceiling of 140 characters.

Any attachments in your tweets (photos, videos, GIFs, and polls) do not count toward the character limit. URL shorteners helped some of that previously, but now you’ll be able to freely stick extra content in a tweet without worrying about running over the limit. Also, @names when replying to a tweet aren’t going to use up characters, either.

There are a few other changes coming to your timeline, too, including the option to retweet and quote yourself (I can only imagine how abused that’s going to be) so you’ll be able to quote and talk more about something you Tweeted, or simply retweet yourself if you made a particularly funny joke at 3:42 AM when no one was awake to see it.

Mentioning other users is also getting a slight revamp. Currently, if you wanted to mention another user and have it show up on your timeline to all of your followers, you’d mention the user using .@name. Any new tweets that start with a mention will show up on your public timeline, no front-leading dot necessary. It’s a very tiny change, but it’ll give you an extra character to work with, which hopefully means it’ll save you from having to make an egregious spelling error just to make your tweet fit into 140 letters.

While the changes aren’t up just yet, you can expect to see them start rolling out over the next couple months. You can always follow us on Twitter to stay updated on when the changes go live.

source: Twitter

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