[TA Deals] Save on three great car accessories for your mobile phone

zus smart car charger

Many of us spend a lot of time in a vehicle every week, and in some cases that means we’re spending a lot of time with our phones in those vehicles. The good news is that we’ve got great deals on three accessories to toss in your car that should make your mobile life a little easier.

First on the list is a Zus Smart Charger and Locator which is a dual-function accessory; like the name implies, it charges your phone up but also acts like a GPS tag for when you need to find where you parked your car. It uses Bluetooth LE and will give you step-by-step directions to find your vehicle and doesn’t require any extra data plans or subscriptions.

The Zus charger is normally $50, but you can pick one up for just $29 right now.

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Montar car mount

The Montar Car Mount is one of the most sophisticated phone mounting kits you’ll find and will help you avoid looking down and texting and driving. It adheres to your dash or windshield with a suction cup surface, then offers a 360-degree rotating handle so you can orient your phone however you’d like.

It’s quick and easy, and best of all you can use it one-handed. It typically costs $35, but this deal with net you one for just $24.

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connected car adapter

The Automatic Connected Car Adapter is the most high-tech accessory here, offering a simple way for you to track tons of things about your vehicle with your smartphone. This includes things like fuel efficiency and commute time, but it also has a few extra functions that will help you out in case of an accident, for instance. It even integrates with Google Drive and Evernote for tracking trips.

The fancy Connected Car Adapter usually costs $100, but this deal brings the price down to $89.

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