Fitbit scoops up Coin, will likely build mobile payments in fitness trackers


Mobile payments make sense on wearable technology, which is Fitbit has made a move to purchase Coin. Coin already created a credit card that would take advantage of NFC payments, so adding this technology to a fitness tracker is a natural move.

This purchase was recent, so don’t expect to see NFC payments make their way into any 2016 Fitbits. Beyond that, though? There’s a pretty good chance.

On Coin’s side of things, that unfortunately means that their mobile card is effectively discontinued. If you already own a Coin card, your card will work through its expected lifetime, which is about two years. After that, you won’t be able to buy another one.

The Coin Rewards program and Coin Developer program are both going to be discontinued immediately, so you’ll no longer be able to take advantage of either.

If you have any questions on Coin’s end, they’ve set up an FAQ to answer the most common questions. If you’re still waiting for your product to be delivered or have questions about inventory, they’ll be answered there. Their support team will stay active and they’ll honor Coin’s limited one-year warranty with enough inventory to cover expected inventory claims.

Hopefully Fitbit doesn’t beat Google to the punch at mobile payments on smartwatches, but at this rate that just might happen.

source: Fitbit

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