You can now pre-register for Google’s new communication apps Allo and Duo


If you guys are anything like me then you are probably extremely excited about the two brand new communication apps, Allo and Duo, that were announced during the keynote today at Google I/O 2016. If you want to get these apps as soon as humanly possible then hit the break to find out how to pre-register for the two new apps.

Allo is Google’s new attempt to give users a full fledged, highly-capable messaging app. Included in the new app are features like a built in Google assistant chatbot, end-to-end encrypted conversations, and much much more. It seems like it’s going to be awesome and you can read about all the ins and outs of this new app here. If you want to get the app as soon as it launches follow the Google Play link right below to pre-register. While you won’t be able to download the app yet, when you pre-register google will send you a notification as soon as the app goes live

Duo is the second app of this new communication “duo.” This app is meant to be Google’s answer to Apple’s ever popular Facetime video chat client. It is a pretty simplified video chat app with a bunch of cool features such as knock knock that you can read about here. Again you can follow the Google Play link below to pre-register for the app to have it as soon as Google takes it out of the oven.

I just pre-registered so that I can grab both of these as soon as they launch later this year. You guys should definitely pre-register too, and for more up to the minute details on all the goodies coming out of Google I/O 2016 check out all of our coverage here.

Allo Pre-Register Link                               Duo Pre-Register Link

About the Author: Ryan Rabea

Born and raised right outside of Philadelphia, Ryan recently defected to the west, now residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh studying political science. Ryan loves all things political, with aspirations to attend law school in the Fall, followed by a career in the world of politics. When not debating politics or hunkered down studying in the Cathedral of Learning, you can find Ryan having an epic catch or wandering God’s country, Pittsburgh’s South Side. In addition to politics, Ryan has loved Android ever since getting his first Android phone, the HTC EVO 4G, almost 6 years ago. Currently though, Ryan sports a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but he can hear that Nexus 6P calling his name.

  • Ant

    Can’t register. Bad link?

    • Ryan Rabea

      Are the links taking you to the app page on the Google Play store? if so, what is it telling you when you try to register?

  • Jeremy

    Just says “not available in your country” – I’m in the US.

    • Ryan Rabea

      Maybe it is just a Google Play glitch? It let me register no problem. I even just unregistered and did it again to make sure and it allowed me no problem. Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with this

      • Jeremy

        I was trying to use the link on my mobile phone. Seems to work on my desktop just fine.