Nokia-branded smartphones and tablets might make a comeback under new company


It looks like we could see some Nokia-branded devices making it to the market again, but this time running off of Android. The entire Nokia brand has been sold off to a company called HMD Global Oy, a new company based in Helsinki specifically intended to create a new generation of Nokia phones and tablets.

Keep in mind that this isn’t actually Nokia coming back and creating Android smartphones. No, this is a new company that was specifically formed to buy the Nokia brand and create a new generation of Nokia smartphones under a new company. HMD Global will be manufacturing these new smartphones and tablets in a manufacturing plant based in Hanoi, Vietnam.

HMD Global is looking to have some great success in this new endeavor, too. Despite the market being extremely competitive, HMD is planning on making Nokia-branded devices that can compete against flagships like the Galaxy S7 and LG G4:

“HMD is entering the global handset market at a time when consumers demand their mobile devices be part of a strong ecosystem that brings a compelling user experience delivered at a competitive price. HMD plans for its future Nokia-branded smartphones and tablets to run on the Android operating system, uniting one of the world’s iconic mobile brands with the leading mobile software and app development community.”

HMD isn’t just buying the Nokia brand from Microsoft, but also the design rights to Microsoft’s feature phone business. Together, this allows the newly formed company to use that Nokia trademark until 2024. The transaction is expected to close in Q2 2016.

While much of this is good news, we’re not sure when exactly we’ll see the first Nokia-branded smartphone from HMD.

What would you like to see in an Android-based Nokia smartphone?

source: PR Newswire

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