Sprint offers free year of Amazon Prime with purchase of its Better Choice XXL plan


Sprint announced today that those who sign-up for the carrier’s Better Choice XXL data plan will get an entire year of Amazon Prime for free.

The Better Choice XXL plan comes with 40GB of data per month, which can be shared between all of the lines on your account. This plan costs $100 per month, but now, you’re also getting Amazon Prime for a year (valued at $100) thrown in for free.


Sprint says this is double the amount of data that Verizon gives its customers, and for less money, too.

This is actually a bit of a neat package. With 40GB of data to spare, you can fully take advantage of Amazon’s expansive library of movies and TV shows over Sprint’s LTE network. Unfortunately, if you ever run out of data, you can continue to use unlimited data on Sprint’s 2G network. Alternatively, you can choose to get charged an additional $15 per 1GB of data used. None of these choices really benefit you, but I’d certainly take the former over the latter as the lesser of two evils.

Anyone plan on signing up for the Better Choice XXL plan while the carrier is running this Amazon Prime promotion?

source: Business Wire

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