New NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet arrives at the FCC


NVIDIA may soon launch a successor to the older NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet. A device that appears similar to that of the original just arrived at the FCC. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have many cut and dry specs for the upcoming device, but trusted sources say it will carry both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi 802.1ac. Based on the FCC documents, the device’s dimensions measure 8.6 x 4.8 x 0.3-inches, making it slightly smaller than its predecessor. This means that the tablet will most likely retain the 8-inch display size measured diagonally.

Design appears similar to its predecessor in the model, which may or may not be a good thing depending on who you ask. Included is the name “Shield Tablet” and model number P2290W. If the device wants to improve upon its predecessor enough to give users a reason to upgrade, it’ll have to include a Tegra X1 SoC, at least 3GB of RAM, 32GB+ of internal storage space, and a Full HD screen resolution. More rumors, leaks and reports should be coming shortly. Stay tuned!


Source: FCC
Via: Android Police

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  • crhylove

    I want something like this I can install Linux on. Or at least CM support out of the box.