LG announces the LG Action Cam with LTE and livestreaming capabilities


LG took the wraps off of a new camera today. Called the LG Action Cam, users will be able to stream content directly to YouTube Live without the use of a smartphone.

The camera has LTE connectivity built-in, allowing users to stream this content quickly and efficiently. Of course, being an LTE-based camera, it’ll no doubt require some sort of data plan, which could get pricey really quick depending on how much content you choose to stream.

In addition to its streaming capabilities, the LG Action Cam is also able to offer remote access via a 3G or LTE connection, allowing the camera to act as a home security camera or even a dash camera in the car.

The LG Action Cam is actually perfect for any outdoor scenario, too. Featuring a rating of IP67, this camera has complete dust protection, sand, and can even be dunked into a meter of water for up to 30 minutes. LG plans on launching a waterproof case later this year to extend the camera’s use into even more activities, such as surfing and even scuba diving.

LG says the camera will launch next month in North America and South Korea at some¬†point. Details on pricing and availability won’t be announced until then.

source: LG Newsroom

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