Pebble update improves Health features and adds tracking charts

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Ever since Pebble added native health tracking to their Time series of watches, they’ve been slowing improving and adding to it every few months. The latest update for the Pebble Time enhances the health features, primarily by adding an easy-to-view graph right on the front screen of the Pebble app.

Now instead of digging into the tracking on your watch, you’ll be able to easily see how many steps you walk and how long you sleep daily, weekly, or monthly, all in an attractive graph format. But interface redesigns aren’t all that’s in this update, fortunately; Pebble will now also track more than just steps and sleep.

Pebble Time watches now automatically track long walks and running instead of just vague “steps.” These are all tracked alongside the other stats and will also get a graph to make it easy to keep up with everything.

There’s also a new Smart Alarms feature that creates a small alarm on your wrist around 30 minutes before you’re supposed to wake up. This should wake you up outside of a deep sleep cycle, which should get you out of bed without feeling drained and tired. It’s also nice because it’s automatic, so that’s one less thing to remember to set before going to sleep the night before.

Pebble will also give a little more insight into your daily activities with daily summaries of your steps and sleep (it currently does steps, but I never receive sleep notifications on mine unless I dig into the Timeline view) and insights into your running and long walk patterns.

The update also brings text replies to the iPhone, although that feature has been present on Android since the Pebble Time launched.

While the Pebble Time doesn’t make the best fitness tracker around, it’s an extremely compelling option for anyone that wants a full-fledged smartwatch but only needs basic fitness tracking.

source: Pebble

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