T-Mobile rebels against the DeATTh Star with new Chrome extension


Making the most of what seems like an unofficial holiday, May the Fourth recognizing all things Star Wars, T-Mobile has revealed their own fully functional Chrome extension as the latest weapon in their battle with other carriers. Portraying T-Mobile in the role of the Rebel Alliance fighting against the Evil Empire represented by the major carriers and epitomized by AT&T, John Legere announced the Chrome extension that promises to “reveal the real AT&T” when users point their browser to any site that includes “AT&T” text.

Legere points out in the announcement of the new extension that AT&T is a huge entity run by an army of “suits.” He points out that under pressure from T-Mobile’s Un-carrier steps to rid the industry of two-year contracts, AT&T just shifted their lock-in to two-year contracts for wireless TV service thanks to their acquisition of DirecTV. Legere also accuses AT&T of concealing the fact that their smartphone customer base is on the decline, a fact AT&T is trying to cover by including things like autos, tablets and even an entire new market in Mexico in their latest numbers. Finally, Legere points out that AT&T’s logo bears a strong resemblance to a certain weapon made famous in the Star Wars films.

If you decide to give the new Chrome extension a try, which you can grab from the link below, Legere is asking you to post up some screenshots tagged with #DeATThStar on social media. He even hints that he might be giving away a few items in hopes of energizing the troops in revealing what AT&T is up to in the mobile market.

Chrome Store Extension Link

source: T-Mobile


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