eBay updated to version 5.0 with Material Design in tow


The official eBay app for Android has been updated to version 5.0 with a lot of goodies. This new update brings a Material Design overhaul, heavily improved navigation, and some other little odds and ends.

The major part of this update is obviously Material Design. Everything has been overhauled here, and it makes the application look beautiful. Previously, we weren’t really sure what eBay was going for in its version 4.0 interface overhaul, but now things are looking neat and much more professional.

Navigation has been improved greatly as well. Previously, you had to wade through a bunch of different menus to get to the selection you wanted. But now, things like Watching, Purchases, Bids & Offers, and Selling have all been separated into their own respective tabs.

There’s been a handful of other navigation changes as well, such as improved search functionality. And, as we mentioned, there were a few little odds and ends added in this update. For instance, there’s now a related items feature, where you’ll see items related to the one you’re viewing at the bottom of a product.

Overall, we’re loving the new eBay update. If you haven’t gotten a chance to download it just yet, be sure to hit the download link below.

Play Store Download Link

About the Author: Brad Ward

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