Home button scratches reveal chink in the armor of Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge devices


After years of complaints from buyers that Samsung needed to step things up in their competition with Apple by incorporating a more premium construction, the company finally made the change to metal and glass construction for their smartphones. The use of these materials seems to invoke a better sense of using a high end device on the part of users. Another benefit one would expect is a reduction in the propensity for devices to suffer from “wear and tear” since metal and glass are less prone to damage than what plastic or other materials may suffer. However, new reports indicate Samsung may have missed a beat with their latest devices as the home buttons, which double as fingerprint scanners, appear to be prone to scratching.

Some users have started to report that an examination of the home buttons on their new Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are covered in tiny scratches. It is not clear whether the scratches are being generated by contact with other surfaces, like being set face down on a table, or if it is from users swiping grime encrusted fingers across the scanner. If there is a silver lining, it is that the damage appears to be limited only to the button itself as the surrounding glass surface of the screens do not appear to be impacted.

Sources have reviewed the buttons on other Samsung devices and discovered similar scratch damage. However, devices from other manufacturers like HTC, LG, Huawei and Apple do not seem to be suffering the same fate regardless of the use of material for the buttons.

The big question one may be wondering about is whether this could eventually impact the ability of the fingerprint scanner to function properly. No doubt the issue may surface in some competitors’ advertising as well, especially if these early reports expand to reveal a bigger problem. Here at Talk Android, both Justin Herrick and Brad Ward have the new Galaxy S7 devices and neither of them have noted any problems or scratching of their home buttons. So it may be possible Samsung just had a bad batch of units go out that are prone to this type of damage. The company has issued any comments or statement regarding the issue.


via: Phone Arena

About the Author: Jeff Causey

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  • Alan Goldman

    my S7E button is full of scratches

    • Major Sceptic

      Do you sit it gave down ???

  • Mark Evans

    Not a single mark on my s7edge and I got it a week before general release

  • Major Sceptic

    That button looks brutalized, ie: doesn’t look like normal wear and tear unless you have sand paper glued on the end of your finger.

    • Nikki

      I got my s7 a few days ago…..nothing!, It does get mucked up alot by dust it seems lol, it looks like scratches at face value, but easily wipes away and looks brand spanking new…

      • Nikki

        I just scratched it with my fingernails, to see if it did anything…..it doesnt take anyhting off..so..i have no idea about these ‘scratch’ claims, even put some force on my nails…

        • Major Sceptic

          That’s nice Nikki , all the best and enjoy your new phone,
          i miss having nice new galaxy,
          i still have my note 4 and it still works like a beauty ,
          i just looked at the home button after reading your comment , mine still looks like brand new.
          I watch some of the review videos and watch people almost toss their device down on the table , they bang them around,
          they sometimes turn the device screen side down and flop/bang it on the bench /table , at times they pick up the device and drag it across the table /bench as they pick it up .
          To me that sort of treatment is asking for trouble, if there is Any hard abrasive grit/dust on the table ……. They are going to be wearing some new scratches on their device.
          I always go by the moto you look after your gear, it looks after you , most of my stuff lasts for years, Anyway , enough of my ramblings , have a great day :) .

  • bmledonne

    sounds like a bigger problem than paint and primer!

  • Nikki

    These are purposely scratched i believe, if u zoom in, it looks like it was done on purpose…