Apple Music for Android update adds support for music videos and more


Apple is pushing out a new version of Apple Music for Android, bringing with it a lot of new goodies.

The major thing included in this update is access to music videos. Previously, watching music videos was exclusive on the iOS side of things, but with this update, Android users now have access to those same music videos.

Not only that, but Android users now have the ability to sign up for the Apple Music Family Plan. This was another thing that you previously could only do on iOS, but now Android users can sign-up for the Family Plan, which allows you to add up to six members in a household to a single plan. It’ll cost you $15 a month, which is pretty cheap when you consider the individual plan is $10 per user.

While this update does bring those two neat features, it’s also pretty underwhelming for the last update being almost three months ago now.

Either way, if you haven’t gotten the update yet, be sure to hit the download link below!

Play Store Download Link

About the Author: Brad Ward

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