LG G5 update finally brings the App Drawer back


LG has begun rolling out a new update to the G5 that brings the “Home and App Drawer” setup back to the smartphone.

Leading up to the announcement of the LG G5, there were many rumors indicating that the company would ditch the App Drawer. When launch day came around, LG did get rid of it, and customers weren’t too happy. That said, LG is fixing the problem in this new update.

There is a way to get the App Drawer back through LG SmartWorld¬†without the update, but that’s from the UX 4.0 software. It’ll at least get you by until your able to download the latest update for the home screen.

As per the norm, you can manually check for the update in the Settings > About Phone > Update Center > App Updates. In this App Updates screen, you should¬†see the update for “Home & App Drawer” as well as “Home Selector.” The Home Selector will let you choose the new home screen layout. Once installed, simply tap the home button and you’ll be asked to set a default home screen.

One thing’s for sure: it’s a neat little way to keep everyone happy–those who liked the original layout and those who prefer the app drawer option.

source: Droid-Life

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