Nexus 9 vanishes from the Google Store


Earlier today, Google’s Nexus 9 was silently pulled from the Google Store. The tablet was on the market for just shy of eighteen months.

The Nexus 9 debuted in October 2014 alongside the Nexus 6, two devices which have been viewed by many as very underwhelming members of the Nexus line. Google’s flagship tablet appeared to be solid on paper at launch, but the Nexus 9 actually shipped with a list of problems. Performance lagged and stuttered for nearly a year, maintaining a cool temperature was tough, and build quality was¬†eh. Really nothing about the tablet was impressive¬†outside of the form factor.

It finally reached the end of the road today. If you want the Nexus 9, you won’t be buying it through the manufacturer’s online retail store. The Google Store is no longer a place for you to buy the Nexus 9. Instead, you can go to a retailer like Amazon where the tablet is available for as low as $300. Shop around and you’ll find a price attractive for you, but remember that certain performance woes are still around.


The Pixel C is the only tablet currently offered on the Google Store following the exit of the Nexus 9. Going to the Tablets section of the site just leads right to the Pixel C’s listing. Since the Nexus 9 isn’t mentioned in any search results on the Google Store, Google really stripped the Google Store of any Nexus 9 mentions. That’s why we firmly believe it’s permanently gone.

Good riddance, Nexus 9. Let’s all hope we get a success to the Nexus 9 or the beloved Nexus 7 at Google I/O 2016.

Source: Google Store

About the Author: Justin Herrick

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