Fenix down! The third-party Twitter app has hit its 100k token limit


All good things must come to an end, especially if that good thing is a third-party Twitter client. Fenix, one of the better options for anyone that isn’t happy with the default app, has officially started down the path to obscure, abandoned apps.

In case you’ve forgotten or just don’t keep up with Twitter apps, Twitter has instituted a 100,000 token limit for all third-party apps. That means that once an app has signed up 100,000 unique users, it can no longer issue tokens and is effectively useless to new users. Existing users shouldn’t have a problem, but it completely stunts the app’s ability to grow.

This has happened before with Falcon Pro, which is was an absolutely fantastic Twitter replacement that was beaten and brushed aside by the token limit, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it’s happened again. Falcon Pro’s developer did figure out a weird way to beat the token limit (forcing users to register their own “unique” Twitter client directly through Twitter, then authorizing Falcon Pro to use it) but it’s a pretty complicated method that certainly won’t appeal to someone that just wants to check Twitter.

So, for right now, if you already have Fenix you can continue to use it with no issues. If you missed the train, you’re out of luck. It’s been pulled from the Play Store, and even if you managed to track down a pirated copy you still wouldn’t be able to log in.

Hopefully we won’t have to fill up a graveyard with third-party apps before Twitter actually figures out a better way to handle this token situation.

via: Droid Life

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