Android Software Engineer Explains More Detail on Fragments

If you watched the Google event a few years ago or just read our coverage of it, you’ve heard a little talk about “fragments” in the Honeycomb OS. Over at the Android Developer’s Blog, software engineer Dianne Hackborn has shed a little light on exactly what these fragments are, and how they’ll work.

There’s a lot of technical information in the post, so it’s definitely worth a good read if you’re interested in the developer side of the platform. For the rest of you, the interesting part is that fragments are a way of organizing information and pulling it across various parts of the app. She also mentioned that fragment technology will be rolling back across to older Android versions, all the way back to 1.6. No word on the “when” of it, but it’ll be coming down the pipe.

[via Android Developers Blog]

  • Benjamin

    A few years ago? Wow, time flies!