ilumi’s BR30 Outdoor LED smart lightbulb is now up for pre-order

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LED lights that are controlled with a smartphone are nothing new, but until now your options for an outdoor flood light have been pretty limited. ilumi is here to fix that with the BR30 Outdoor LED light that works just like your traditional indoor, connected home light bulbs, but you can use it outside on an awning, porch, or wherever else you’d need one.

The bulb itself is pretty powerful with a rating of over 1000 lumens. It’s a 15 watt bulb, so you should have no problem illuminating a decently sized area. It’s also fairly simple to set up and doesn’t require a WiFi hub or anything, but it does support things like scheduling and automatic presence detection. It also offers a few different effects in addition to a wide array of color options, including one that changes the lights based on music.

Ilumi BR30 smartphone

The bulb itself will run $69 and is currently up for pre-order on Best Buy’s website. It’s expected to begin shipping in the summer this year.

BR30 Ilumi bulb

If you’re really invested, ilumi is also offering a 4-pack of bulbs for $249 and an 8-pack for $489. It might be a little much for most people, but if you have a ton of area to light up, it’ll save a bit of money.

source: ilumi, Best Buy

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