Google and Microsoft make peace, agree to stop complaining to regulators


At many points in time, Google and Microsoft work collaboratively together. At other times, their relationship with each other can be seen as not too great. Today, Google and Microsoft have come to an agreement to stop complaining about one another to regulators.

Google and Microsoft are making peace with each other, and have agreed to leave regulators uninvolved. We don’t know every detail regarding what actions Google and Microsoft have taken to get to this point, but things are looking up. It’s never a good thing when major companies get into heated battles. Although competition is a good thing, as consumers, we don’t want to see things get out of hand. So we should appreciate the cooperation between the two tech giants.

Hopefully the move towards friendship will bring about a better connection between the Android and Windows operating systems. Consumers want the best of both worlds; hopefully it will become more of a reality now that the two have settled. Feel free to drop a thought in the comment section down below this article.

Source: Re/Code

  • Eloi Casali

    This is about not reporting each other to authorities, not about collaboration… They are realising governments will only protect their own basksides and not the corporations, so why play fair and report things to the regulator. This is not about making piece and acting fair, it’s about not reporting the abuses of position of each other.

    Dat spin you put on this though :O

  • Mark Rich

    Sounds like the early days of a cartel being formed.