Motorola Confesses: Cliq XT Will Never Get Android 2.1

Cliq XT owners have been long awaiting the update to Android 2.1, and Motorola has been promising for a while that it would be coming soon. However, yesterday the statement was issued from Motorola that the update won’t be coming after all. “After comprehensive testing of the Android 2.1 upgrade for the CLIQ XT, we have concluded that this device will remain on Android 1.5. We realize many of you were anxiously awaiting this upgrade, but we aim to deliver software upgrades only when it will provide a better customer experience.” Apparently testing is showing that not to be the case in this instance, and so Motorola has made the decision to leave the Cliq XT at Android 1.5. A shame for those of you who have this phone and wanted the upgrade, but at least Motorola is no longer stringing you along.

[via Motorola Support]

  • Ankush Gupta

    Nobody can say they’re surprised…

  • curse

    Like HTC did with their Click(HTC Tattoo), they also mentioned that upgrade from 1.6 to 2.* would not provide a better customer experience.
    On the custom Gingerbread(2.3.2) ROM I use, I have to say that it feels faster then the original 1.6, so it’s not because it’s too slow. Perhaps they just want us to buy their new phones instead of update the old.

  • deraildoax

    Motorolas a bunch of liars! They’ve been promising this update since April saying Q2 2010. 2.1 would run just fine. Does 2.1 run like crap on the Cliq? Cus its got the same processor. Lying jerks. I’ll never buy Motorola again. Good thing I got tired of waiting a long time ago and got a Mytouch 4G.