Moto G4 pictures posted online, shows off new camera and square fingerprint sensor


New images from has been posted online, finally showing off the rumored Moto G4. And from what we can tell, it’s a sleek handset sporting both a new camera and what seems to be a “square” fingerprint sensor.

The images don’t show much. In fact, all we’re really seeing here is a normal smartphone setup. The only real “big” difference as far as aesthetics go is the change in camera design. Now, there’s a black pill-shaped glass camera on the back as opposed to that matte design of last year’s Moto G.


The Moto G4’s back panel texture has changed quite a bit, too. It’s a very smooth texture, as opposed to that grippy “carbon” feel of the Moto G in the past. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the Moto logo on the back of the smartphone.


We’ve seen leaks showing off the Moto G4’s “hideous” home button. It’ll have a fingerprint scanner built into it, but strangely enough, there seems to be a microphone to the left of that home button. It’s quite a strange placement, since most OEMs end up placing it on the bottom or top of the device to hide it, while still making it very accessible.

Obviously these are just unconfirmed rumors, but with physical leaks of the alleged Moto G4 ramping up, we could see a new handset from Motorola as early as July.

Anyone excited?

via: 9to5Google

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