Nest CEO came to company’s defense at weekly Google meeting


Nest has had a rough time in the news recently, especially considering all of the allegations that the company isn’t making enough money for Alphabet. However, Nest CEO Tony Fadell doesn’t think things are so bad, and he even went to a Google weekly staff meeting to defend his company.

Despite missing sales targets and accusations of toxic company culture, Fadell says Nest has been working hard to correct its mistakes and it has been growing every year. He knows where Nest has the biggest problems, and they’ve been steadily addressing things to keep improving like any other company would. On top of that, Nest sales have been improving every year, and while they’ve been missing targets that still puts them on the right path towards being a very profitable component.

Is Nest actually making improvements to keep Alphabet happy? Who knows. This all might be some great damage control and PR. Ultimately that’s up to Alphabet to decide, and I’m sure things will become clearer as we start to see quarterly revenue from each of these divisions.

source: re/code