Users can now set goals using Google Calendar


Google’s latest update to the Calendar application comes with a new nifty feature. Users will now be able to set goals inside the app. This can include reading more books, learning a new language, achieving a fitness goal, and many more.


Google is adding a simple to use method of progressing towards your goals slowly using Calendar. The update to Calendar should make keeping track of your goals and how you’ve progressed since the start easy to see and organize. It’s all about helping you manage your time and get the most out of it. People often forget their goals, but Google doesn’t! Users can set reminders by day, week, or even a certain number of times per week. If your forget, Google will hit you up with a notification saying for example, “it’s time to workout now.”


Goals can be setup in a matter of just a few minutes by simply answering a few questions. Goals can be added by pressing the plus icon in the bottom righthand corner and hitting ‘Goals’. Once setup, Google will arrange times to help you reach that goal adjusting to your busy lifestyle. Google says that the Calendar will get smarter over time by adapting to the times of day you like. If you’re busy, just simply defer the reminder and Google will move it to another free slot in your day.


The update is in honor of Calendar’s 10th anniversary since it was born. It’s available on both Android and iOS mobile platforms now! For Android, you can head to the ‘my apps’ section in the Play Store and update it from there, or tap this link to the Play Store.

Source: Gmail Blog

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