OnePlus One units start receiving the Marshmallow treatment


We knew it was coming! Marshmallow has now begun rolling out to OnePlus One units!

OnePlus has informed readers in their forums that the Marshmallow update is now being pushed to OnePlus One devices. The update is CM 13.0 ZNH0EAS26M, which is based on Google’s very latest in that of Android 6.0.1. The update began pushing on Saturday, and will continue to rollout to everyone over the next week over-the-air in waves. Whether you were the first to get it, or are the last to get it is completely randomized.

When you get the notification to update, it would be a good idea to connect to a nearby Wi-Fi network prior to downloading and installing. You don’t want to waste your monthly data quota on something like this. You’ll also want to charge your device to around 75% or more prior to starting in order to avoid disruptions.

Everything that comes new with this update is laid out on Cyanogen Mod’s blog. Let us know what you think!

Source: OnePlus