An unlocked BlackBerry Priv can now be purchased at a reduced price

Cutting price

On April 5th BlackBerry confirmed that the price for an unlocked Priv smartphone has been reduced.

We knew it was coming, it just came a little later than anticipated. The BlackBerry Priv launched with a rather steep price tag of $699. Now consumers can purchase the unlocked device in full retail from BlackBerry for $649.

This may not be the price cut everyone was hoping for, but $50 is better than nothing. The $649 reduced price tag is indeed permanent, meaning it will never go back up to $699 and is not just for a limited time. The BlackBerry Priv is still a great buy and was among our favorites for 2015. It has a beautiful QHD display, features fast internals, and is still the latest and greatest from BlackBerry, meaning it gets updates fast. It shouldn’t be much longer before Google’s latest in Android 6.0 arrives, so you won’t be missing out on anything.

The price drop has been applied to a wide-range of countries including the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, and VAT where applicable.

Source: BlackBerry