Google announces VR View, an open-source system for embedding 360-degree photos and videos


Google is taking the next step forward with VR content. Up until this point, it has been no easy task putting 360-degree content on the web or in an app. Google’s new open source system, VR View, may be the best solution yet.

Google’s VR View platform will allow developers to embed VR content like 360-degree videos into websites and Apps, both on Android and iOS. Google wants to make VR content more apparent, and is hoping this system makes sharing content with others quick and hassle free. VR View supports Google Cardboard and a slew of other VR headsets natively. Google believes that VR will take off only when it becomes fully adopted. That explains why Google is pushing VR to become a new standard among society.

The code for embedding VR content inside apps is now available in the Cardboard SDK. You can find it in both the Android and iOS versions. For more details, be sure to hit the link below.

Source: Google Developers