Video exposes Marshmallow on the BlackBerry Priv


Since its release in November 2015, the operating system on the BlackBerry Priv has been out of date. BlackBerry’s phone to keep it surviving shipped with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop despite Marshmallow already being available for more than a month at that time, which was and still is quite strange considering the company promised (and has delivered) timely software updates. It’s just that none of the updates have bumped the Priv up to Marshmallow.

But we seem to finally be nearing Marshmallow’s arrival on the handset as someone obtained a Priv running the latest version of Android.

Hit the break for the video.

What you’ll see in the video below is Marshmallow running on BlackBerry’s Priv, which means there’s all sorts of new goodies that owners of this handset can expect soon. Marshmallow comes with Doze and App Standby for conserving battery and data as well as granular app permissions. Other than that, there really isn’t anything all that big in Marshmallow. Cosmetically, it even looks just like Marshmallow with a few minor changes.

Although nothing has been confirmed by BlackBerry, the likely release date for Marshmallow on the Priv is sometime in April. The company better get moving because Google is already working on Android N to get it distributed earlier than previous new versions of Android. It wouldn’t be a very good look for BlackBerry to have its flagship two major versions behind. So I suggest that BlackBerry work on getting Marshmallow sent to the Priv before launching another phone.

Via: CrackBerry

About the Author: Justin Herrick

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  • xBURK

    It’s also a good idea to hold back and make sure security is top priority for BlackBerry. Besides, isn’t only 5% of the world’s android phones on M right now? I don’t see any other articles cutting these companies up on your site?

    • Justin_Herrick

      Flagships from Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, and more are all on Marshmallow. BlackBerry’s is not. And the other companies are rolling out security updates as well, albeit not at the same pace as BlackBerry. Have they faced breaches? Nope. These devices are pretty safe.

      It’s time for Marshmallow to be on the Priv. The phone was released almost six months ago.